Thursday, November 6, 2014

Walking the Cat, Part 1

(For the next few months I will be posting my comic blog,, in this space. A little experiment I'm trying. Apologies in advance!)

First time I took Kitty for a walk, I put her in a little harness. Much to my surprise she didn't freak out, but she didn't walk like a dog. Actually she didn't walk at all. She took off scurrying up and down hills and over and under bushes, as I held tight to her leash, terrified she'd run away.

up and down

over and under 

hanging on

When we got to where Kitty was headed, at the bottom of the hill, we sat under a tree and took a rest. After a few seconds, we heard rustling in the bushes. Soon the bushes parted and five coyotes popped out and looked around, oblivious to us staring at them from across the canyon. 


Kitty sat there, calmly, watching them, but after a minute I could hear the wheels churning. When what she was looking at sunk into her catebellum, she jumped up and took off up the hill, running like hell, with me hanging onto her leash by a fingernail. 

What a good kitty!

Next week, part 2: Bad Kitty!