Friday, August 22, 2014

We're on

I said I would leave a note here about Good Eggs participation in the Frogtown Art Walk. Well, it's happening. Jeffrey Hutchinson, the floor manager and the one who commissioned my mural, has been working hard to see this come to fruition...and yesterday, the word came. We're on. 

There will be more art than you can shake a stick at, local and close-to-local artists will fill the space with dance, music, and art. Please come by and check out Good Eggs

Where: Good Eggs Warehouse, 2760 Clearwater St. 

When: Sept 13, 2014

Time: not sure, but check the website, I see that some things start at 5 and the walk will probably go until 10 or 11. The action is usually along Blake St. but this year Clearwater will have a pedi-cab to ferry passengers to Marsh Park.

Here's the fb page:
and the website:

And here's a shot of the finished mural, at the entrance to Good Eggs. It doesn't have an official title, but I'm calling it "The Frogtown Bird Walk." 

See you there!

 (photo by Tom Harjo)


  1. it's really wonderful, charlotte. it reminds me of some kinds of Indian (far eastern) art, the decorative floral elements, the pomegranate...lovely! you must be proud. right?

    1. Thank you, Susan! Um....not sure about being proud, but I'm happy people at Good Eggs like it, which was one of my main concerns, and yes, very happy it came out as a whole, with colors not clashing! Now more!