Friday, November 14, 2014

Bad Kitty! Part 2

(For the next few months, I'll be posting my comic blog,, in this space. Apologies in advance!)

I wish this was about climate change, or the NSA, or immigration reform... 

but it's not, it's about something really stupid.

I had been walking my new kitty for about a week when I decided to let go of her leash and let her explore. 

As soon as I did, she took off like a cat out of hell and ran up a tree with her leash dangling behind her. I thought I could get her down, but she kept climbing higher and higher.

Bad Kitty! Come back!

Before I knew it she was perched over the canyon, about 30 ft up, with her leash wrapped around a branch. She couldn't climb further, but she couldn't get down.  

She meowed pitifully, falling off the branch, then wriggling back up.   

She was stuck!                  

I had no choice: I had to call the LAFD.

They said they'd be right over!

Finally, after 45 minutes, they arrived. Five hunky guys with bright hopeful faces spilled out of the fire truck.

I told the men to follow me to the back where kitty was stuck. I also mentioned they might need a really long ladder to retrieve her.

I turned to show them were she was, but she wasn't there. I craned my neck to find her, looking higher—there must be some mistake!—but no kitty. 

After a minute, one of the guys pointed to the ground, and said, "Is that your cat?"

Somehow she'd gotten down, leash and all. Boy, was I embarrassed.


Later that day, I delivered freshly baked cookies to the firehouse. I could hardly look the Chief in the eye.

I don’t know if it was my imagination, or not, but I think he was expecting me.



  1. are SO wonderful...i LOVE the cat begging for one over your shoulder!

    1. Thank you Susan, esp, for saying that about the cat, i worried she looked like a squirrel!

  2. and I love all the tangle of leash, the hunks guys, your delivery style, and how you GOT him looking like he wasn't surprised...