Thursday, January 15, 2015

Living with Kitty

Remember my sweet little kitty,

I thought she loved me.
She sleeps between my legs. 
She purrs when I'm near.
She needs me!
Who is this strange cat?

Next time I see her, she's sleeping under the table. I reach out to pet her; she acts as though nothing has happened between us. She purrs louder than ever. 


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  1. I love this post. Kats are definitely krazy. And kool. Maybe this is just some kind of crazy adolescent outburst. Be sure she's home at curfew and that you know who she's hanging out with. Sounds like you're living in Coconino County these days. (Krazy Kat is one of my favorite comics ever. I saw a show many years ago at the Portland Museum of Art in Maine - fabulous.)

    1. Thank you outwalkingthedog! Lucky enough to get a Krazy Kat book for xmas called Krazy Gnatz (1933-1934 comic strips). Really started thinking abt how he really knew katz!

  2. scary attack kitty! yikes. i have been getting into that "i miss my kitty" mode lately tho. they really are wild animals, a special thing. .love the drawings, charlotte. meow.

  3. Bad dreams in Katz lead to blood lustful behavior til they forget...