Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tulip City

It's spring in NY and nothing could be finer!


Tulip sniffing at Barrow St. Gardens,

(Tulips in this post spotted on the High Line, in Chelsea, West Village and St. Luke's, but they're everywhere!)


And Readers, please take a look at the new Rat's Nest comic, done a few days ago, before coming to New York:


  1. Spring, beautiful spring! What an adorable tulip sniffer.

    As for the comic, I never thought about where the concept of a moment of silence originated. Five minutes of silence is almost unimaginable in our world today, as evidenced by your pic of the London runners waiting for one measly minute to end. We need more silence. AT least I do.

  2. Yeah, those runners were really fidgeting, hardly able to bow their heads. Of course they were all pumped up to run, so understandable.

    What a delicious spring! it's been beautiful.