Thursday, September 27, 2012

Comparatives and Superlatives

There's something nostalgic about the fall, the dimming light, the closing door, the end in sight, but it's also an opening, at least for Jews at the high holidays, into a new year, a new focus, a renewal of strength and energy. But what a contradiction, opening and closing at the same time— Good G-d, make up your mind!

And that would be a god I—wavering on this point—no longer believe in. We had a long discussion about this very thing yesterday at Rabbi Singer's: the pull between knowing god and not knowing, not finding, not solving; using the word to know, find, solve, vs. getting stuck in the word, which is so wholly inadequate and misleading. You must love! You must love! said God to Hosea, said Rabbi Singer to his tribe, meaning you must love all of humanity, the message we tucked away in our pockets and then, counting the minutes, the seconds until the end of the fast, praying for the services to be over finally, we walked outside and ate. 


Comparatives and Superlatives

Fall on the east coast is certainly lovely...

 Lovely light!

 Fall on the east coast with your kids is certainly even lovelier...

Lovely texting!

Fall on the east coast with your kids being as crazy as they were when they lived with you is certainly the loveliest of all, the most fun, the most satisfactory, to see them being so goofy, to being their true blue selves.

True bluest

 ...and then there's skateboarding!


True black and blue

Skateboarding in Providence, R.I. at India Point Park on Narragansett Bay.

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  1. Beautiful joyful Mekko & Maya. Love the blue cocoon monster. So glad your visit was so wonderful.

  2. absorbed and happy skateboarders, beautiful autumnal light...

    1. so nice of you to stop by, Susan, thanks! the light on the east coast is beautiful, I couldn't get enough.