Saturday, June 23, 2012

Leave Taking

These are the people I'll miss most when I leave my job at the end of this week: 


            Donna and Nicola...

 Bogdan, who taught under Bulgarian 
Communist rule, making 40 dollars a month
(and the only one of us who appreciated our salary)


Our Bahá security guard, Komy, funniest guy around, if it wasn't for him, we'd all have lost our minds.
 Beker's granddaughter who sang for us
 and my crazy Korean students...

and my beautiful Farsi Students.
Ah Parvin, how you drove me crazy,

and all the parties we had on company time...

I will miss it all, but I'm ready for my leave taking. Good-bye colleagues, good-bye Komy, good-bye students. Good luck to us all!


  1. Bittersweet, but, I hope, mostly sweet. I love your portraits - everyone is so alive and individual and, often, full of mirth. Goodbye, Komy!

    1. Oh yes, I will miss him especially.

      Thanks owtd, for listening to this endless journey...

  2. Charlotte
    it is people that make or break whatever it is we do. they can make it enjoyable sometimes even tolerable in unpleasant situations.
    but there does come a time when we must do what we have to do.
    time for coffee