Monday, June 27, 2011

A Tale About...

Once, there was a Crow...

and Crow would caw whenever it sensed danger...


One day, it looked down from its perch, and saw a....


 and Crow cawed and cawed.

Coyote's appearance meant that food was coming, and so, other animals were on their way too.

Skunks. CAW CAW

and raccoons and possums. CAW CAW CAW

But mainly, 


Crow looked down from its perch and saw, too, the old witch who fed the CoyoteShe lived in a green house, with a green hedge and a green car, and whose complexion was a little green. 

She didn't feed the little children she kept in the oven, but she fed the wild animals that came to her door. She loved the animals more than the little children, and more than her neighbor, who had asked her not to feed the wild animals. 

At one time—about a week ago—the witch had told her neighbor that she wanted to have a good sense of community; the neighbor hadn't realized that what she meant was a community of wild things.

The witch whispered sweet nothings to the Coyote, as Coyote waited for its meal. She told the Coyote to be a good boy, Werden ein guter Junge; then cautiously she approached, while Coyote looked up at the bowl she held in both hands. 

They understood each other; one was wild, and the other, lonely, or crazy, or both.

The neighbor stayed hidden behind the hedges, because she didn't want the Coyote to bark at her; also, she didn't want to be turned into jello by the witch. She knew that witches can do stuff like that— turn bones into halva, or turn coyotes into humans.

End of story?  To be continued...CAW CAW


  1. I can't believe you got actual close-ups of the coyote... whoa, that's way too close. a starring role! fairytale is a great way to approach this but please don't get yourself turned into a flowerpot of geraniums (as in LITTLE WITCH which i read as a girl)...

  2. Caw caw, a magical transformation is being affected on your posts by Coyote and Crow and Skunk. I want more. The photos - and the story - are so strange and wonderful.

  3. Okay Louise, I promise i won't get turned into a pot of geraniums, but what you can't see in the photo is that my neighbor was standing just a few feet away from the coyote, talking to it in a reassuring voice.

    And thanks Melissa. Did i mention the wildlife this summer is over abundant!