Thursday, February 11, 2010

February, part II

It's bad enough Feb. is my least favorite month, but to make matters worse I had to go in today to get a mammogram—three-years past due. I thought I'd take my camera along just in case there was anything interesting to see. So I headed out to my friendly Kaiser Sunset.

Even from the mat it was hard not to notice the woman in front of me, to hear her loud moans and jerky utterances, to watch as she knelt on one knee before the receptionist as if she were the Queen. The receptionist and the woman's caretaker completely ignored her odd behavior. I later found out she was autistic. So this is what adult autism looks like, I thought, quickly sending up grateful thanks to the precarious gods of health.

I'll skip over the procedure—painful but short— but I do want to know why they haven't come up with a better breast cancer detection test? It's not for lack of complaints from women who've had to endure this painful procedure every year. I'm thankful my technician was a cheerful pro at her job.

On my way out I stopped at the receptionist's desk and while we chatted I glanced at her nails. Jean says she just lets them grow and they take care of the rest at her beauty salon. I asked if they were painful, but she said they didn't hurt at all.

Outside, there was something interesting to see, a beautiful display of fruit.


If I think Feb.'s bad, for the prolific Gerald Posner, who resigned yesterday as chief investigative reporter at the Daily Beast, Feb must be absolutely agonizing, given the accusations of plagiarism thrown at him. Give a look at the conclusion Michael Roston comes to on True/Slant, re. old media reporters v. bloggers. For anyone in the journalism business, a must read.

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  1. Interesting abt Daily Beast. Those nails - no wonder she wdn't notice a woman down on one knee, behaving oddly. Odd is all around, isn't it? And yes, I just had my mammo, too, and got the all clear, thank the void. Though I did, as usual, also end up with a sonogram, just to be sure. Great photo of stepping up to the line.