Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February blues

My friend Jeanne said it best: "I feel like I'd just gotten used to the girls NOT being here, then I got used to them being around, NOW they're gone and I miss them so much." I couldn't have said it better. If you've been through this, you know how hard it is having your kids leave— for college, to live and work elsewhere—then come home for the holidays; you get used to them messing up the place, eating you out of house and home, bringing their wonderful, rowdy friends around (you love each one of them) and then, before you know it, they up and leave again to go back to their lives.

It's awfully empty around here.

no clothes to wash

no food to buy

no room to clean

no sink to share

Maybe I'm low because it's February. I've always struggled with this cold, dark month, even when it's not cold and dark where I live. Today it's sunny and warm, and look, a sunflower came up in the front yard after the rains...

But it's not enough to dispel these February blues. It's a good thing the month is short. Here's hoping in March the economy will pick up, people will start liking Obama and the dems again, gays and lesbians will finally gain some respect and we'll have peace in the mid-east. One can always dream— especially in February.


  1. love the photos, char. yes, it is kinda of a blue time isn't it? i think it has to do with the position of the sun and the angle of the light - that low in the sky kinda feeling. but kids leaving counts for a lot...

  2. awwww. I am so glad I still have a couple of years before I have to face the empty nest. I can feel N. flapping his wings & getting ready to fly. Can hardly imagine how my life will change. Charlotte, I love the photos of the empty washer & so on - brings it on home.

    And yes Feb. can be gloomy, but, my god, you have a sunflower??!! In february? We are many months away here in NYC.