Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rick Prince: Banjo Man

This is Rick Prince, a bluegrass banjo pickin' fool from the fertile delta of Chicago. I first saw Rick in front of the Eagle Rock Fresh and Easy Market about a month ago playing a mean banjo, but when I went back the next day he was nowhere to be found. When I saw him again a few days ago, I practically ambushed the poor guy, asking him if he wouldn't mind if I recorded him. He said sure; he'd been trying to get on YouTube to promote his playing among the bluegrass banjo crowd here in CA (who knew?). So, here you go, Mr. Prince, as you wish: in the first video (v3) Rick plays "With Love From Someone," and the second (v4), "Pick Away."

Rick Prince can be found most weekday afternoons at the Fresh and Easy Market at Eagle Rock Blvd. and El Paso, or contact him at:

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  1. Charlotte, I love this. Fantastic. Mr. Prince is super. Together you made my day!