Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now for the Holidays

First night of Hanukkha/Chanukha/__________ (your spelling here).     

Zen Koan for today: If you're home alone with no kids around, does Chanukha make a sound? I'm pretty sure the answer is no. I lit the candles anyway, on my daughter's plastic preschool plate and thought of her faraway... but not for long. She's coming home next week, and my son the week after. I'm anxious/excited/thrilled for the holidays to begin; I'm ready to stop working, to cook for my kids again (I'll make latkes, promise), to complain ad naseum that I have no time to do anything. I really can't wait.

Regarding a previous post about seasons, or lack thereof: Mea culpa. I was wrong!

We do have seasons. It's cold as heck in L.A. (abnormally wet, i.e. it's raining like crazy). We even had our first snowfall a few days ago, covering the tops of the San Gabriel Mts (here overlooking Highland Park) and beyond, in Big Bear.

                                 But nothing like Rhode Island!

   And for more proof: trees have lost their leaves.

From my meditation bench in Oct.                       

From my meditation bench in Dec.

Still, we have freaky flowers like these blooming: don't they know it's winter?


Let the Holidays begin!


  1. I love this post, Charlotte. Beautiful, beautiful.

    All our Channukah stuff is still packed away from the big move - the many menorahs, the huge collection for competitive spinning, Nick's stat sheets on dreidel spins -- oh I miss it all! We lit candles at a friend's tonight & I'm going to buy a cheap menorah tomorrow & start lighting. It's NYC - you can get menorahs at the corner hardware, for heaven's sake. Now that's a change from Dallas.

  2. Stat sheet on dreidel spins? Oh man I'd like to see that. I can just imagine Nick being one of the top winners. Oh I do miss the kids running around the house, getting so excited over things like getting to light the candles and spinning dreidels!

  3. Matt lit the Chanukah candles and even bought Huck a dreidl at the JEwish Museum. (where we saw the Sendak show after getting drenched in the rain.) Tasha wants a Christmas tree, which Matt can't countenance. Oh, i thought, they haven't quite worked that one out. but they will. Oh how Maya and Mekko will love your latkes!

    and yes, i can testify... it's friggin' cold in LA!