Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Chickens!

Merry Christmas Chickens!

Merry Christmas Dogs!    

Merry Christmas Turtles!

Merry Christmas Hogs!

Merry Christmas Ratties!

 Merry Christmas Ravens!

Merry Christmas Baby Jayan!

Merry Christmas Husband and Daughter!

Merry Christmas Son!
And to Everyone

Merry Christmas
 a Happy New Decade!


  1. the Harjos are all together under one roof, the ratz are happy, the chickens are happy, the turtles and the hogs are happy. Love to all the Harjos and yes, a bright decade ahead! love, L

  2. LOVE it!!! xoxo to all (except for the Hogs, my religion doesnt allow it). We have no kids in our nest at the moment...except for Rocky and Libby. Leila called asking about the horse spot, she is worried he is too lonely for the holidays, we are thinking about going to the stables to wish him a merry christmas...

  3. ps. did Tom and Maya voluntarly let u take a pic of them or you made them volunteer? btw, everyone is looking very good!

  4. Those are the hogs (warthogs) we saw at the agricoltura biologica in Tuscany, then we ate them for dinner! poor hogs, poor horse, yes perhaps you must go and keep him company with Julio, since with all the kids gone there's nothing to do!

  5. Merry Christmas animals all, homo sapiens included!