Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Street Art on the eastside....

I've been roaming around Highland Park and Silverlake today, trying to distract myself, bumping into dancing bums and art everywhere. After today I might even say that northeast LA is the street art capital of the world.

Take this first mural, made by Sand One that I saw on the side of a building on York Ave.

 Sand One
in Highland Park

Sand One is one of the most popular street artists around in this part of town. At first I wasn't so keen on her style, but now that I know what it takes, I'm a fan. See more of her work at: www.sandoner.com.

 My favorite mural in Highland Park, Monte Vista and Ave. 52

 Transmission Shop, York Ave. Highland Park

Wheat Paste on Figueroa near Ave 34,
Cypress Park

 Spray paint by Vixz
Ave. 56 and Fig

Utility box at Tropical Icecream
(where AA meets)

Today I started to experiment with a stencil and some cans of paint. It was the only thing, besides driving around and bumping into things, I found I could do.

This last one I call Triple Ratz, or Rat Dance
(Thanks, Melanie!!)


And one last one: original art made in the street, with Louise Steinman, for a performance piece called, Dog's Head Route, performed in Portland, OR, 1980.

This is not a Rat  


  1. wow--some of these are sooo strong! i love street art (have you seen the documentary about graffiti called STYLE WARS? it's quite good.)
    i espec love Help is on the Way...and the goo-goo eyes at the top. and of course, your fabulous rat stencils.

    1. Thanks Susan, it was fun to actually take time and look around, usually i'm just driving by...and yeah i like help is on the way, too, never saw it before. Thanks for visiting the Rat's Nest!