Monday, February 11, 2013

Frogtown Rider

Last year, not so long ago, my teacher at Art Center said to go big, so I did: after trying a wall outside, I drew on my built-in cabinets. 

Then, one day, after my class had ended, biking along the LA River into Frogtown, I saw this decaying Mayan mural, with holes in the wall, along Blake Street:

Ah! Doesn't that Mayan Princess need a rat? Yes, I think she does! 

Let me see what I can do...


Melding rat and rider with mural. My first wheat paste, done under the protection of night.

Frogtown Rat Rider

The Mayan warrior was much bigger than I thought! But come to think of it, doesn't that man need a ...? More to come.


Thanks goes out to Ivonne Adel-Bureos, artist-in-residence at Nomad Studios;  Ivonne is a prolific printmaker and street artist, working in Mexico City, and so much fun! She's having a show at Nomad, with founder Damon Robinson, on Feb. 22, running through the weekend. Check it out!


  1. It looks awesome!!!

    1. Thanks Lauren! Come to the Nomad opening or on the weekend....I'll call you.