Friday, December 28, 2012

So long 2012, hello new possibilitites!

This last end-of-the-year post will not be used to sum up the year (although it was a good one), or suss out the failures of government, or dwell on projects curtailed. Instead it will be used for shameless promotion.  

Here are the details:

This x-mas, I made T-shirts for the winner of the Rat's Nest Contest (Jenna!) and family and friends; then I thought why not sell them. Tom suggested Etsy so I signed up and posted my first item for sale: the Rattus T-shirt.

It was easy. And my model just happened to be home for the holidays!

So, dear readers, if you would like to buy a T for yourself or anyone you know, please go to:

I'm selling the Ts for $20, and if you live nearby, I'll deliver! 

The best part of this is that I got the t-shirts printed at Homeboy Industries. If you don't know them, they are an incredible organization run by Father Gregory Boyle, whose motto is: "Nothing stops a bullet like a job." In this he has worked tirelessly to develop businesses for ex-gang members: Homegirl Cafe, Homeboy Bakery, Homeboy Silkscreen and Embroidery, and many more. The people working at the silkscreen shop were gracious, and if you go there, park in the back, where you'll get an eyeful of great street art.




  1. wonderful wonderful. everything you said. i'll add your etsy site to the posting on Run...Nellie, ok? (sposed to go live any day now...)

    1. Ok! yes, great, thanks; can't wait to see the mag.

      Happy 2013 to you and yours!