Tuesday, October 30, 2012


If you—the two of you, you know who you are—are still looking for the rat, I am leaving one more hint, a pretty big hint due to the fact that there is only one day left. Here is a comic I made, showing that I am w-a-l-k-i-n-g down my hill. If you know where that is, then you are almost there. Find the secret gate and climb over and it's in sight (to your right, how much more explicit can I get?? Gee, I must really want to make some T-shirts!)! Okay, good luck!

Full details at: http://theratsnestcontest.blogspot.com/



I'm proud to announce the winner of the Rat's Nest Contest! Many people came by to look at the rat, but only one person found it on her own. Congrats Jenna! I believe you were determined to find it when you wrote "Tomorrow morning or Bust!"
Jenna Blaustein and Rat



  1. very funny, charlotte...i hope someone wins!!

  2. Love it, Charlotte - wish I could see it in person. You are such a great cartoonist!

    1. Thanks Melis! I am busy on work on your T-shirt (well, not this second but i will be!).

      Hope all is drying out your way.