Sunday, April 29, 2012


I saw this building on 4th Ave. off Union Square one day, and then, everywhere I looked, I saw green. 


 Frankie at Luna's with her cutting knife

Okay, this last photo isn't exactly green, but I love how Frankie, Maya's friend from Bard, is posing in this picture. Her bosses are breathing down her neck, telling her she can't visit with me, pressing her to get back to work, but Frankie laughs, and then strikes this serious pose. She works at Luna's in Tivoli as a sous chef, but perhaps one day she'll be president.

Green Green, Green 
You are so delicious!
(I just got President Obama's joke about the pit bull!)
You calm me down; you make me fall to my knees to embrace you
You draw me in: Oh, Green, how beautiful you are this spring! 

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