Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rose Parade

Our first Rose Parade ever, standing at Colorado, a little east of Lake. I stationed myself on top of an office planter, while Tom snapped pix from below. That first blast of horns from the US Marine Corps filling Colorado and sweeping down the street blew us away.

I'm posting this a little after the fact, thinking I wouldn't (who wants to see the same thing you can see on TV?) but looking at these pics now I'm struck by how colorful the parade was, the electric energy behind each band and float, and just how many people—especially pooper scoopers—it took to pull off a parade that everybody loved.

Roy Rogers and Trigger,
Above, Dusty and Dustin, Rogers' son and grandson perform 
"Happy Trails" on what would be RR's 100th birthday
(Trigger was stuffed and positioned at the front of the float)

Click on photos to view as slide show

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  1. Love the photos. And since I'd never see it on TV, I'm very glad you posted.