Friday, October 15, 2010

CicLAvia 10-10-10

 Caught between a street performer and the deep blue at CicLAvia

The pain hit at midnight: my thighs were on fire! Oh lordy, someone bring on the bengay. I hadn't realized how hard I'd biked on Sunday crossing the 4th Street Bridge over the RR tracks and river into East L.A. But the thighs are still speaking to me, and here's what they're saying: go back to the gym and prepare for the NEXT CicLAvia in 2011!

I hope Sunday will be the first of many CicLAvias for the City of Los Angeles, where 7.5 miles of heavily trafficked streets were closed from Hollywood to Boyle Heights, and opened to cyclists, roller bladers, walkers and street performers. There are tons of pictures and videos at: CicLAvia's facebook page, CicLAvia Oct 2010 flickr page and at Appreciation and thanks go out to all the many people who brought this together, esp. Aaron Paley and Joe Linton. Thanks guys, it was a hell of a bike ride.

Here are some of my own contributions from the day and a video of Hip Hop Damage Control with Class, and one funky dancer, along Spring Street, as I was heading home.


  1. Thanks for the mention! Glad you had as great a time as we did!

    Someone (it's a blur these days!) mentioned that we "tricked" people into working out! People were having so much fun that they bicycled (and walked) further than they expected. See you at the next CicLAvia - planned on approximately the same route in April 2011.

  2. What a great event. Everyone looks so happy. And that dancer is funky indeed.