Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hitting the Open Road: Camarillo, a travelogue

Summer is a time for travel, hitting the open road, seeing new places, taking in the lake or the river, and in some cases, even the ocean (if you haven't heard, Angelenos rarely get to the beach). June was hot and gloomy, even when the sun popped through in late morning, but now it's July—July!—and my expectations have risen: give me the High Sierras and I promise I won't complain.

 (photo credit: Tom Harjo)

In light of the possibilities of the open road, I'll be presenting a few travelogues this summer, places I've been or want to go. Here's the first in a series of at least another one. If you have a suggestion, please let me know.

Miriam's Fruit Stand, Camarillo

But before hopping off to Camarillo, I wanted to talk for a minute about a little article I saw in the L.A. Times at the beginning of the week, about pesticide use on strawberries. California's Dept. of Pesticide Regulations is considering replacing a highly toxic pesticide, with an even higher and riskier toxic pesticide. This one, mythyl iodine, won't harm you, the one eating strawberries, but has the potential to cause irreparable neurological damage to farm workers and those in surrounding communities. Why are harmful pesticides allowed on our strawberries anyway, when organic farming is an option? There's a price to pay I know, only we're not paying it—someone else is.

Back to the open road. I present, Camarillo, a travelogue:

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  1. Another magical video from the rat's nest - and such a beautiful strawberry-eating movie star. Horrible abt the pesticide regulation that's under consideration - hard to believe the callousness. So shd we only buy organic?

    Wonderful photo at the top of the post.