Saturday, April 3, 2010

Walking the Bird

On my way to exercise class this morning, I saw this guy walking up the hill. I had to stop despite the fact that I was late. His name was Nobua and I asked him if I could take his picture; he said something to his bird and she flared her plumage for the camera.

Nobua with his bird

I will miss this about LA, people walking their birds. As I head out to NYC, I'll miss a lot of things about LA that I didn't think I'd miss. For so long I wanted to be back in the city living the life I'd lived half a lifetime ago, but now that I've got the opportunity, I'm realizing, despite my greatest efforts, LA has become home.

I will miss driving on the freeways.

(Seriously, I could give this up but on Saturday mornings it's not so bad.)

I will miss California poppies taking over the hillsides.

I will miss this peaceful writing space.

I will miss, miss terribly, my husband sitting in his chair reading the morning paper.

I will miss my rats. (I hope Luna's still here when I get back.)

I will miss my meditation bench and what I see looking out.

I will miss sunlight streaming in through the windows.

I'll be living in a dark NYC loft, south of Canal St., but I plan to take plenty of walks with my friend Melissa (shout out to her humorous nature loving blog outwalkingthedog) in Riverside Park, where I'll report back here and tell you what I love about being back in the city. See you there!

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  1. NYC is eagerly awaiting your arrival. In preparation, the red-tailed hawks are nesting, the raccoons are on the prowl, the cherry trees are blooming, and the weather is supposed to be perfect. See you tomorrow.