Saturday, November 7, 2009

Care Package

I miss my daughter.

They are just so far away, as Jeanne writes in an email about our girls who are both at college.

I'd emailed Jeanne earlier that I wanted to send a care package to Maya and she sent me a good way to wrap cookies, back to back, using her recipe for chocolate chip cookies from her scrumptious cookbook, Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes.

So on Thursday I went shopping in the a.m. and made the cookies in the afternoon, which took a lot longer than I thought. Maybe I'm just out of practice (confession: who am I kidding? I've never sent a care package in my life), but I ended up making only two things after four hours, with every pot dirty and every cabinet open and everything everywhere. I rushed around like crazy to get the box to the post office before I had to go to work, and then realized, too late, that the care package probably wouldn't get there until Monday. The cookies will be fine in their cling wrap, but I don't think the matzo balls are going to make it.


  1. I am rooting for the matzoh balls. I hope they make it to college.

  2. If my mother in law can bring frozen chickens on a plane from Texas - and we all lived to tell the tale! Besides, it the thought that counts. Do they teach that is college?

  3. what is so difficult about sending a care package? it sounds to me like a doggy that crude? just kidding, really. i will send one to London care package is called "Camila Sobral"...